PU 1mm thick double color heat transfer vinyl


The versatile PU 1mm thick two color heat transfer vinyl is used for personalizing textiles and fabrics. This vinyl is 1mm thick, making it a long-lasting and sturdy alternative for producing one-of-a-kind graphics. It has a colorful and eye-catching appearance due to its dual color characteristic. The vinyl is intended to be applied using heat transfer processes, making it simple to apply to a variety of fabrics such as apparel, bags, and accessories. This heat transfer vinyl is a wonderful choice for adding a pop of color and individuality to your projects, whether you’re personalizing garments or making promotional items.


PU 1mm Double-color heat transfer vinyl is a type of material used in the process of customizing textiles, such as t-shirts, bags, and hats. The specific variant you mentioned is 1mm thick, which refers to its overall thickness. Here is a detailed description of this type of vinyl:

  1. Material Composition: The double-color heat transfer vinyl is typically made from high-quality polyurethane (PU). PU vinyl is known for its durability, flexibility, and ability to withstand high temperatures.
  2. Thickness: The vinyl has a thickness of 1mm, which is considered relatively thin compared to other variants available in the market. This thickness allows for precise cutting and application on various fabrics without adding excessive bulk or weight.
  3. Double Color Design: The double-color heat transfer vinyl is designed with two distinct colors on each side. This feature enables you to create layered designs or add contrasting elements to your personalized garments. It provides versatility and adds visual interest to your creations.
  4. Heat-Activated Adhesive: The backside of the vinyl is coated with a heat-activated adhesive. This adhesive layer allows the vinyl to bond securely to the fabric when subjected to heat and pressure during the application process. The adhesive is designed to provide a long-lasting and durable bond.
  5. Application Process: To apply the double color heat transfer vinyl onto fabric, you need a heat press machine. The vinyl is first cut into the desired design using a vinyl cutter or plotter. Once the design is cut, the excess vinyl is weeded out, leaving only the desired design on a clear carrier sheet. The carrier sheet with the vinyl design is then placed onto the fabric, and the heat press machine is used to apply heat and pressure. This activates the adhesive, causing it to bond with the fabric, securing the design in place.
  6. Durability and Care: The double-color heat transfer vinyl is designed to withstand frequent washing and everyday wear. It is typically resistant to fading, cracking, and peeling. However, it is recommended to follow specific care instructions provided by the vinyl manufacturer to ensure optimal durability.

Overall, the PU 1mm thick double-color heat transfer vinyl offers a versatile and durable solution for creating personalized designs on various textiles. Its unique double-color design and ease of application make it a popular choice among crafters, businesses, and individuals looking to add a touch of creativity to their garments.

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